Opinion: Inflation will be higher for longer – and you’re not going to like what’s coming next

The list is about growing concern for investors. In fact, when you have success or failure with abusive feelings, you want to tighten up your process and make sure your message and message-making is accurate. On the high up this list is inflation, which is seemingly everywhere. Bringing down inflation is easy, and the challenge … Read more

Biden administration scrambles to avoid embarrassing boycott from Latin American summit set for next month

CNN – The participation of Latin American countries in a high-profile regional summit is still in flux, just weeks from when it’s scheduled to take place in California amid record migration throughout the Western Hemisphere. The so-called Summit of the Americas is set to be hosted by the United States in early June, marking the … Read more

China is alarmed by the Quad. But its threats are driving the group closer together

Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Meanwhile in China newsletter, a three-times-a-week update exploring what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it impacts the world. Sign up here. Hong Kong CNN – When the United States, Japan, Australia and India first resuscitated their informal dialogue from a … Read more

Biden says the US would respond ‘militarily’ if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there’s no policy change

Tokyo CNN – President Joe Biden said Monday that the United States would intervene militarily if China attempts to take Taiwan by force, a warning that appeared to deviate from the deliberate ambiguity traditionally held by Washington. The White House quickly downplayed the comments, saying they do not reflect a change in US policy. It’s … Read more

Japan steps out of US ‘shadow as China threat grows

Tokyo CNN – Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is a man on a mission. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, he has imposed sanctions on Moscow, agreed to pursue a nuclear-free world with the Pope and taken a diplomatic tour of Southeast Asia and Europe to rally world leaders to protect democracy. But it’s not … Read more

China needs Russian coal. Moscow needs new customers

Hong Kong CNN Business – China is buying record amounts of cheap Russian coal, even as Western nations slam Moscow with sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine. In April, not only did the world’s second largest economy buy more coal from Russia than ever before, it also eliminated import tariffs on all types of coal, … Read more

US intel skeptical Putin will be swayed by Russian public opinion over war in Ukraine

Washington CNN – US intelligence officials are skeptical that any change in Russian public opinion against the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine – even a dramatic one – would have an effect in persuading Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the conflict, according to multiple sources familiar with the latest intelligence. Officials also doubt that the … Read more

EXPLAINER: Why is Turkey wary of Nordic states’ NATO bid?

ANKARA, Turkey – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thrown a spanner in the works of Sweden and Finland’s historic decisions to seek NATO membership, declaring that he cannot allow them to join due to their alleged support of Kurdish militants and other groups that Ankara says threaten its national security. NATO Secretary General Jens … Read more

US set to remove 5 groups from foreign terrorism blacklist

BERLIN – The United States is poised to remove five extremist groups, all believed to be defunct, from its list of foreign terrorist organizations, including several that once posed significant threats, killing hundreds if not thousands of people across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Although the groups are inactive, the decision is politically sensitive … Read more

Russian soldier on trial in first Ukraine war-crimes case

KYIV, Ukraine – A 21-year-old Russian soldier went on trial Friday in Kyiv for the killing of an unarmed Ukrainian civilian, marking the first war crime prosecution of a member of the Russian military from 11 weeks of bloodshed in Ukraine. The soldier, a captured member of a tank unit is accused of shooting a … Read more