G-7 set to back pursuing Russian oil price cap, tariff hikes

ELMAU, Germany (AP) – The Group of Seven economic powers are set to announce an agreement to pursue a price cap on Russian oil, aiming to curb Moscow’s energy revenues, a US official said Monday. The move is part of a joint effort of support for Ukraine that includes raising tariffs on Russian goods and … Read more

As Senate-confirmed justices end Roe, how will voters react?

WASHINGTON (AP) – The end of Roe v. Wade started in the Senate. It was the Senate Republican partnership with President Donald Trump to confirm conservative judges, and transform the federal judiciary, that paved the way for the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling to overturn the constitutional right to abortion. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell set … Read more

A ‘sucker punch’: Some women fear setback to hard-won rights

At 88, Gloria Steinem has long been the nation’s most visible feminist and advocate for women’s rights. But at 22, she was a frightened American in London getting an illegal abortion of a pregnancy so unwanted, she actually tried to throw herself down the stairs to end it. Her response to the Supreme Court’s decision … Read more

Biden’s mission in Europe: Shore up alliance against Russia

MUNICH (AP) – President Joe Biden is out to sustain the global alliance punishing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine as he embarks on a five-day trip to Europe as the 4-month-old war shows no sign of abating and its aftershocks to global food and energy supplies are deepening. Biden first joins a meeting of … Read more

Did corporate greed fuel inflation? It’s not the biggest culprit

WASHINGTON (AP) – Furious about surging prices at the gasoline station and the supermarket, many consumers feel they just know where to cast blame: On greedy companies that relentlessly jack up prices and pocket the profits. Responding to that Sentiment, a Democratic-led House of Representatives passed last month on a party-line vote – for most … Read more

‘We have to stay together’: Biden on alliance behind Ukraine

ELMAU, Germany (AP) – President Joe Biden on Sunday praised the continued unity of the global alliance confronting Russia, as he and other heads of the Group of Seven leading economies strategized on sustaining the pressure in their effort to isolate Moscow over its months- long invasion of Ukraine. Biden and his counterparts were meeting … Read more

Russia fires missiles across Ukraine, cements gains in east

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Russian forces were seeking to swallow up the last remaining Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Luhansk region, pressing their momentum after taking full control Saturday of the charred ruins of Sievierodonetsk and the chemical plant where hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians had been holed up. Russia also launched dozens of … Read more

Inflation sparks higher pay and aid for global wave of protests

Rising food costs. Soaring fuel bills. Wages are not keeping pace. Inflation is a world of plundering people’s wallets, a wave of sparking protests and workers’ strikes. This week alone saw the protests by Zimbabwe in Pakistan and the Nurses in Zimbabweunionized workers in Belgium, railway workers Ecuador in Britain, Indigenous Peopleseveral hundred US pilots … Read more

A world apart, Lebanon and Sri Lanka share economic collapse

BEIRUT (AP) – Lebanon and Sri Lanka may be a world apart, but they share a history of political turmoil and violence that led to the collapse of once-prosperous economies bedeviled by corruption, patronage, nepotism and incompetence. The toxic combinations led to disaster for both: Currency collapse, shortages, triple-digit inflation and growing hunger. Snaking queues … Read more

Ukrainian army leaving battered city for fortified positions

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – After weeks of ferocious fightingUkrainian forces have begun retreating from a besieged city in the country’s east to move to stronger positions, a regional official said Friday, the four-month mark in Russia’s invasion. The planned withdrawal from Sievierodonetsk, the administrative center of the Luhansk region, comes after relentless Russian bombardment that … Read more