Dow tumbles as inflation reading triggers market shock waves: What investors need to know

From Wall Street to Main Street, percolating 1970s-style “stagflation” into the US economy could be sliding. References to the sticky situation appeared in news headlines all week. The Associated Press called it “the dreaded ‘S’ word.” The Wall Street Journal reminds readers that the neo-logic’s origins are a catchy way to describe slowing or stagnant … Read more

As inflation slows and ruble rallies, Russia is hoping to avoid a crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pool | Reuters Russia believes it has swerved a financial crisis as its currency rallies and economic data improves, but strategists say the numbers mask some ugly truths for Moscow. Although inflation in the country is running hot, there are signs that price rises are slowing and will continue to do … Read more

The first major Wall Street bank to forecast a recession now sees its own pessimistic view of downside risk

Deutsche Bank, the first major Wall Street bank to call for a US recession during the current high-inflation era, is now looking at a limb: its own outlook for downside risks, given the likelihood of persistently elevated price gains and Continued upside surprises. Describing themselves as “the extreme outlier on the street,” researchers at the … Read more