Kevin Samuels death news – Girlfriend rumors resurface after ‘married’ YouTuber collapsed on top of mystery woman

YOUTUBER Kevin Samuels reportedly spent his final night with nurse Ortencia Alcantara before he tragically died the next day.

The controversial YouTube star and relationship guru passed away on May 6 after he reportedly complained of chest pains and collapsed on top of Alcantara. He died the following day.

Samuels, 56, has been married twice and rumors swirled online that he was in a relationship with the influencer Brittany Renner after the pair were seen together.

Despite dishing out love advice online, very little is known about Samuels’ private life as he tended not to share family pictures online.

Samuels’ mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed her death to NBC News but declined to release details about what happened, saying that she learned of her son’s death from social media.

“That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified,” she told NBC in a phone call on Friday.

“All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

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  • Future collaboration

    Samuels worked with Future earlier this year on a trailer for the rapper’s single titled Worst Day.

    In the clip titled “Healing Together,” the YouTuber asks Future how much money he spends on women.

  • Who is Brittany Renner?

    Renner is the ex-girlfriend of NBA star PJ Washington and the pair were embroiled in a child support row.

    She is an Instagram model and former Jackson State soccer star.

    She played at Jackson State University and won the SWAC championship in 2010.

    The model has previously been romantically linked to multiple NBA stars and rappers, including James Harden, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown.

    There’s no evidence to suggest Renner was ever in a relationship with Samuels.

  • Relationship with Renner, continued

    Twitter users rushed to social media to speculate if Samuels and Renner were dating.

    One posted: “Is Brittany Renner flirting with Kevin Samuels.”

    Another commented: “Kevin Samuels hanging out with Brittany Renner?”

    The pair were seen together just months after Renner announced on her Instagram feed that it was “step daddy season”.

    She said: “Hey yall, hi. It’s officially stepdaddy season. Yeah, what up? I got the car seat in the back, let’s go to the park!

    “Don’t let your baby daddy or baby mama block your blessings.”

  • Relationship with Brittany Renner

    In November 2021, Samuels and Renner were seen together in an Instagram clip, fueling speculation that they were dating.

    In the clip, Samuels showed off his luxury motor and can be heard saying: “Surely, surely can’t fit in that.”

    Renner was wearing a purple jumpsuit and knee-high boots.

    The pair were reportedly seen on a so-called shopping date in Atlanta, Georgia.

    They apparently went into several luxury stores and onlookers told News Nation USA at the time that Samuels was taking Renner on a “shopping spree.”

  • Kevin’s recent social media activity

    Samuels’ Instagram account included a video he posted Wednesday afternoon in which he talks about “modern women” and reflects on whether they are “a party of 1.”

    That was Samuels’ most recent social media activity, as his Facebook had not been updated since at least Tuesday.

    His final tweet was posted in April, but that post was linked to his Instagram.

    The last video he posted on his YouTube channel was about the aforementioned “Modern Women” and was published at the same time as the Instagram post on Wednesday.

  • Fans pay tribute, continued

    Another fan said: “May you Rest in peace @ kevinrsamuels1 you were a force of good change, the community truely lost a hero. Condolences to the family”

    While a third wrote: “I am one of the many who are saddened to hear the news about #KevinSamuels but at the same time thankful for his existence. I will be forever be Grateful for this man.”

  • Fans pay tribute to Kevin Samuels

    Fans have taken to social media to pay tribute to the YouTuber following the confirmation of his passing from his mother.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for guiding todays young people into being better individuals and better prepared for marriage. Your legacy will continue to live on.”

  • Alcantara’s statement, continued

    “Ms Alcantara also said that early in the morning, Mr Samuels complained of chest pain.”

    “She attempted to help him, but he fell on top of her and proceeded to notify 911.”

    The police report also stated that “Ms Alcantara also said she requested the 911 operator to contact the front desk for a defibrillator to keep Mr Samuels responsive until Grady arrived because she is a nurse.”

    Kevin Samuels was then transported to Piedmont Hospital.

  • What did Ortencia Alcantara say?

    On May 6, 2022, Georgia police officials responded to a call they received from an Atlanta apartment.

    According to a report from Atlanta law enforcement, police entered the scene and “observed” fire department officials “performing CPR to a black male, unresponsive.”

    The report revealed that officers “then met Ms. Ortencia Alcantara, who identified the male as Mr Kevin Samuels.”

    “Ms Alcantara stated that she met Mr Samuels last night, came to his apartment, and spent the night with him.”

  • Who is Ortencia Alcantara?

    The woman who last saw Samuels alive is a 32-year-old registered nurse from Atlanta.

    On her Instagram page, which has since gone private, Alcantara asked viewers of her page to leave her and her family alone.

    According to a police report, she claims she met Samuels at a restaurant the night before she died.

    The two spent the night together before she complained of chest pains early in the morning and collapsed on her. She reportedly tried to perform CPR to no avail.

  • ‘Disgraceful’

    Many have been taken to social media since Samuels’ death to honor him, but many have also been taken to social media to remind people of his controversial views.

    “Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing Black women for profit,” journalist Ernest Owens wrote.

    “He emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about Black women.

    “Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live.

    “That’s all I’ve got for that misogynist.”

  • Kevin’s ex-wives, continued

    Seven years later, he found love with another woman and the two tied the knot for three years before another divorce due to “irreconcilable differences”.

    Speaking of his ex-wives he told VLAD-TV: “I don’t say anything negative about them, because there’s no reason to.”

    There is not much information available on his ex-wives and their names and Kevin steers clear of the topic.

  • Kevin’s ex-wives

    Kevin told VLAD-TV that he has been married twice in the past, with both ending in divorce.

    In the interview, he stated that he tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, but the marriage lasted just over a year.

    He added that they probably should not have got married and were better “as friends”.

    But he said: “We have a great relationship. We’ve known each other since fourth grade.”

    The couple shares a daughter, born in 2001.

  • Was Kevin married?

    YouTube star Kevin Samuels was not married to anyone at the time of his death.

    But the 56-year-old, who was born in March 1965, was reportedly married twice, with both ending in divorce.

    Despite his fame, Kevin has managed to keep his personal life relatively under wraps from the public.

    In 2021, it was claimed that the YouTuber was in a relationship with Instagram influencer @sixthegoddis.

  • How old was Kevin Samuels?

    The Youtube star was 56 years old at the time of his death.

  • Kevin on his first marriage

    Samuels revealed he got divorced because “it was not a good idea to get married in the first place”.

    He said: “We were high school sweethearts. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

    “We were better together as friends than actually as a couple. There was a lot of other stuff going on the inside.

    “We had a great relationship. We’ve known each other since the fourth grade. “

  • Kevin’s first marriage lasted one year

    Samuels revealed in a VLAD-TV interview that he’s been married twice.

    He first tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, but the marriage only lasted one year.

    The exact year when Samuels married his first wife remains unknown.

    The pair had one child – whose identity has not been disclosed.

  • What happened to Kevin Samuels? continued

    She said she also asked the front desk for a defibrillator because she is a nurse.

    When police got to the scene, paramedics were performing CPR on Samuels, who was unresponsive.

    Samuels was rushed to Piedmont Hospital, where he reportedly died.

  • What happened to Kevin Samuels?

    Atlanta police have said they were called to an apartment on Paces Ferry Road on Thursday morning.

    Police said a woman who was with Samuels said she came to his apartment and spent the night, and in the morning he complained of chest pain.

    The woman told police that as she tried to help him, he fell on top of her, and she called911.

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